Nowadays identification and traceability of products are two essential elements in a company’s production and logistic processes and barcode is the most commonly used technology.
Through the reading of the barcode, the automatic identification of data related to specific objects (products, services, etc.) and the transformation of data into digital information for other systems takes place.
The Pluriservice Group, leader in the Auto ID sector for more than 30 years, offers a complete range of barcode solutions that includes various types of products: readers, terminals, industrial tablets and label printers.


Plus, Newland, Denso, Opticon, Honeywell, Datalogic-branded barcode readers and scanners are used in a wide range of areas and offer performance to match any situation. They help to increase productivity, control traceability and reduce costs.

Depending on the demand, the readers differ from each other in terms of features and functionality, they can be either fixed, benchtop, equipped with stand, or portable and wireless.

barcode reader plus 1580 BT
barcode terminal plus 95


Portable terminals are suitable for all areas where it is essential to communicate and receive real time data on the move to optimize your business.
The selected mobile computers are characterized by quality and efficiency. Among the products offered the most qualitative are Plus, Denso, Newland, Honeywell, CipherLab, Datalogic, Gen2wave and Zebra mobile terminals.
Depending on the need you can choose different types, they can be handheld, wearable, vehicular or designed for specific application areas.


Industrial tablets with barcode reader allow companies to perform the most demanding applications even in extreme situations.

Besides offering high performance, the rugged tablets’ Plurisercive Group appear robust, resistant and suitable to all environments. You can find logistics tablet, for industrial uses, for applications and much more.

barcode tablet 7000
labels printer apix 250


The label printers selected and offered by Pluriservice are reliable, easy to use, and designed to produce labels, cards and receipts.

Our printers ensure fast printing and high performance. Pluriservice proposes the best brands: Apix and Plus, OEM brands, also TSC, Bixolon, Sewoo, Citizen, Honeywell, Zebra, etc. Each label printer is designed to offer the best in certain sectors and to adapt to users’ requirements, they can be desktop, portable or large format for industrial use.


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