Pluriservice has a wide range of IT solutions for PCs and mobile computers: from Storm Open Solutions’ E2K suites, to barcode creation and retail software: the right solution for every need.

labelling automation


Printing automation software simplifies the label printing process, optimising time and costs. They reduce errors by eliminating manual processes and they allow you to manage and edit print layouts, customising the label according to preset data.

E2K Spooler is a software solution dedicated to printing automation; the system perfectly integrates with all those companies that use a management package capable of generating simple textual reports containing the information to be formatted and printed (variable data).


Bartender Software is the perfect product to print labels and tags autonomously. Users can generate a wide range of labels, without managing a large number of individual documents. Allowing data import from databases, optimizes and speeds up production, with easy management of text, graphics, barcode, numerators, serial numbers, expiration date.

software bartender
logistics and transport


Pluriservice Group offers various software solutions for the Logistics and Transport sector, to manage the goods flow throughout the company’s production process, from the product acceptance to its dispatch and transport. These solutions alllow to achieve an optimised and rational control of all stages of the supply chain, saving costs and time in logistics processes.

e2k wms

E2K-WMS is the WMS for optimising, managing and coordinating all logistics activities using Voice Picking, RF Terminals, RFID, Pick to Light and Automated Warehouses.


E2K RF is a software solution dedicated to warehouse management; the system perfectly integrates with all companies that use Zucchetti’s Ad-Hoc Enterprise and Revolution management packages.


E2K Collect is a general-purpose software dedicated to data collection that does not require concentrators. It is very simple and intuitive to use and it is available on several terminal families.



Retail software allow to coordinate the activities of different sales channels for stores and chains, optimising the process, increasing revenues and satisfying customers. Complete, innovative and perfectly integrated software, able to satisfy the management and fiscal needs of the different commercial activities.

E2K Retail, Storm Open Solutions’s software solution, is an integrated platform for the operational management of companies operating in the retail sector; its modularity makes it suitable for different organisational environments, from the simple independent chain to companies organised in proprietary and affiliated distribution networks.

e2k retail

E2K Starter is the Pluriservice Group’s hardware software solution for Food and Retail area. A product that offers management functions of high-level software an entry-level market simplicity.

e2k starter
catering and hospitality


Hospitality software allow to manage all the activities and meet all needs of the catering and hospitality market: restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, tourist resorts, gyms, wellness and spa centres, and many other activities.

e2k food

E2K Food is the management software dedicated to restaurants which allows the management of any company in the catering sector such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, fast food outlets, ice cream parlours, patisseries, discotheques, wine bars, which need to simplify and optimise the management of cash point and tables, it monitors the receipts, the orders and the work of the operators.

e2k hotel

E2K Hotel is a hotel software that allows to manage any company in the hospitallity sector, such as hotels, B&Bs, residences, tourist villages, campsites, farm holiday centres, which need to simplify and speed up all front and back office activities and to keep production, turnover and the accounting situation under control.

e2k starter

E2K Starter is the Pluriservice Group’s hardware software solution for Food and Retail area. A product that offers management functions of high-level software an entry-level market simplicity.


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