Pluriservice Group

Pluriservice Spa, founded in 1986, is the Auto ID (barcode) leader, producing and marketing a wide range of technologically advanced  and innovative products. It is the exclusive national distributor of some of the world’s most recognized Auto ID brands. Pluriservice Spa owns PLUS and APIX brands and produces software solutions together with Storm Open Solutions, its Software house, founded in 2001. In addition, it is also a depositary in development and renewal of large E2K suites for Hospitality and Retail, with over 5000 active customers. Pluriservice Solutions is the system integrator that reached 6 Million net sales in active lease contracts in 2006. Raining Labels, founded in 2005, making standard and customized labels, has produced over 5 million square meters of labels as of today. Proget Sistem Italia is committed to designing and engineering labeling systems.

Diversified Services: Opportunities for customers to get solutions to develop your business
Customization: Solutions designed for unique and specific needs Competitiveness: A wide range of products and services that meet different budgets
Customer Care: always present to support the customer quickly and efficiently


Pluriservice Group offers the best solutions and services to meet customer needs in the digital identification and traceability industry, from a technological and competitive position , providing high service and quality standards.

Working with Pluriservice Group is simple because:

• We are open to change and are innovative.

• We are forefront in anticipating market trends

and proactive to customer needs.

• We transform partners needs into new opportunities.

• We are solid and reliable.


Hardware sold


Software licenses

8 mln

Square meters mq of self-adhesive paper converted into labels


Active service contracts