The Pluriservice Group has been a leader in the barcode printing sector and beyond for more than thirty years. It offers a wide range of printing solutions: thermal, thermal transfer, with desktop, portable printers or industrial printing engines, for badges, wristbands, orders and any label format.
In addition to this, there is an headquarters entirely dedicated to the supply of consumables, which allows to receive printers on loan for use, through the purchase of consumables.
Pluriservice Group offers a complete service during the printing process: from the production of consumables and printer sales, to software design by Storm Open Solutions, which allow the process to be automated by generating the printing of labels of various formats autonomously. A set of solutions that reduce errors and maximise profits.


The barcode printers selected and offered by Pluriservice are reliable, easy to use and designed to produce labels, cards, receipts and orders.
These machines use direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. They offer excellent performance and they are suitable for any type of environment. They can be found in different formats: desktop, portable or industrial.
In addition to best branded label printers (Apix, Plus, OEM, and also TSC, Bixolon, Sewoo, Citizen, Honeywell, Zebra), Pluriservice offers the possibility of free loan in exchange for the purchase of consumables.

label printer apix 240T
RFID printer Toshiba


The Pluriservice Group’s RFID printers are efficient, robust and provide excellent performance. They print and encode RFID labels, tags and cards quickly and accurately to ensure reliability and security. They use radio frequency technology to read and store data on the label chips while simultaneously printing variable data and barcodes.


The thermographic badge printers offered by Pluriservice are excellent for the production of identification cards, for printing conference passes and fidelity cards.
They are complete, reliable and offer the possibility to customise colored technological cards.

badge printer Fargo
wristband printer Plus


Wristband printers are ideal for improving access control and security in hospitality facilities. Identification bracelets are indispensable accessories for healthcare facilities because they allow the traceability and identification of patients, improving the user experience. With wristband printers it is possible to have control of the flows in places as parks and concerts.


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