Raining Labels, in synergy with Pluriservice Group, is a company specialised in the production and supply of consumables. The use of innovative technologies and great teamwork allow Raining Labels to provide all types of labels, quickly and with a affordable price. The company can also provide a complete labelling technology, from the supply of labels and ribbons, printers and labelling machines, to supplying management software for printing labels.

labelling automation


Paper labels allow a label’s complete customisation, from the format to the material and graphics. In addition, some formats are available for immediate delivery on our Raining Labels e-commerce site.
The fields of application are multiple: chemical, alimentary, packaging, logistics…

Direct thermal labels are printable with printers that use direct thermal printing technology, they can be printed without the use of a ribbon. They are ideal for applications that do not require very long lasting resistance.
Various customisable formats are available.

thermal labels

Thermal transfer labels are printable with printers that use thermal transfer technology, ideal for those who need labels that last over time. Produced with vellum paper, they can be standard or removable.
Various customisable formats are available.

thermal transfer labels

Pre-printed color labels are highly customisable, vellum paper front, printable up to 6 colours, multiple formats with standard or removable permanent adhesive.

pre-printed color labels

Ribbons are inked plastic tapes that are used with thermal printers. The ribbon transfers its color onto the label when it passes through the print-head, creating the print itself.
It is an inexpensive, simple and fast technology.

industrial labels


Raining Labels produces a wide range of 3M identification materials that allow to find the right combination for all needs and markets. Thanks to its techniques and materials knowledge, the company is able to enhance all types of support, taking into account the required performance and environmental conditions.

3M labels

Pluriservice Group offers a wide range of industrial solutions for identification and durable labelling, from thermal transfer label material, the application of a protective film over the printed label, to special label material. They meet all requirements and therefore they have a wide range of applications: automotive, logistics, electronics, security…

food labelling

The Pluriservice Group offers a wide range of industrial solutions for food labelling. Labels for food sector are regulated by strict rules and they take on different roles in the sales process, for that reason Raining Labels assists its customers both in the choice of the most suitable label and in its personalisation.
The applications are numerous: tray packs and frozen foods, biocompostable bags, water-soluble labelling, labels in direct contact with food, card labels…


3M labels combined with solvent resistant ribbons are able to withstand harsh environments such as mechanical, chemical and medical industries.

rfid tags


RFID tags are equipped with memory and they have the task to identify objects or people uniquely and automatically. There are numerous variables (formats, colours, materials) and possibilities of choice and customisation.
They allow the deletion of errors in the warehouse management and during the shipment goods.

RFID smart labels are adhesive labels with RFID chip and antenna both with HF and UHF frequency. They are available in various shapes and sizes and they can be subsequently transformed with a wide range of protective supports.

rfid labels
non-adhesive supports


Non-adhesive supports are all those categories of labels that cannot be applied directly to the product, but are printed on cardboard or non-adhesive materials.

paper or pvc cards

Paper or PVC cards are no-adhesive tags, supplied with paper or plastic material, printable with direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. These tags are available in different formats and they are used in different enviroments: clothing industry for the items’ identification, entertainment and events for identification badges, warehouse logistics for pallet identification.

tnt material

Non-vowen labels (TNT materials) are perfect to identify garment components and, in some cases, to withstand industrial washin.


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