Raining Labels

A label for every field

Raining Labels is a Pluriservice Group company specialized in label production. Based in Ravenna, it uses innovative technology to cut production cost. Raining Labels can supply media products directly to end users, fulfilling even the most complex requests in a short time. It is capable to process any material pertaining to this field. In addition, a large number of diecuts is available to meet customer needs.

The most innovative processed products are: 3M metallic aluminum polyester, nonwoven fabric (tnt) for textile production, thermal/thermal transfer tags for clothing, p.v.c. for weatherproof labels. All types of ribbons for every thermal transfer printer are also available, as well as special indelible ribbons, high-temp and solvent-resistant.



Matt Vellum paper face stock, designed for black or color print ribbon, or direct thermal for ribbonless use. Multiple formats and layouts are available for every need, with standard or removable adhesive.


Vellum platinum paper face stock, printable up to 6 colors, for pre-printed logos, alphanumeric and variable data content; multiple application fields, from chemical, to food and packaging, to logistics, when high level label graphics is requested.

Labels can be purchased in multiple formats, with standard permanent or removable adhesive


Tags are non-adhesive supports, supplied either in paper or plastic and printable with direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. Available in rolls or fanfolds, usually knurled in between to facilitate detachment. Several formats are available. Used for garment identification in the clothing industry, as ID badges for events or for warehouse pallet identification.


3M polyester or polypropylene material is recommended where long life and specific weatherproof  labels are required, due to application on products stored outdoors or on special surface, such as pharmaceutical packaging, automotive safety seals, dust and plastic LSE coatings. Available in different formats and customizable with company and certification logos.

etichette RFID

RFID Smart Labels are adhesive labels with embedded RFID (UHF/HF) chip and antenna. Available in different formats and dimentions, they can be eventually covered with a wide range of protective facestock (i.e paper labels). Operative fields: security, vehicle safety electronic systems, postal stamp replacement, fashion.

mateirale TNT

Ideal for Fashion. Non-vowen labels, perfect to identify garment components and, in some cases, to withstand industrial washin

Prompt delivery

A wide range of media products is available for prompt delivery. Click here to learn about all available formats and to receive further information.


If you did not find a format for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We design custom labels with several facestocks.