Our team, our people

Expertise and professionalism to offer multiple services

Pluriservice is an exciting and innovative company. The backbone is our direct partners, a well-matched team of great experience, capable to tranfer competence and enthusiasm to younger and enterprising employees: Team work comes first!

"Expertise and professionalism to offer multiple services"

experience and

idee e innovazione

ideas and

design and production

design and

servizi e competitività

service and

Pre-sales and marketing team, efficiency and organization

pluriservice team pre sales and marketing

The Pluriservice pre-sales and marketing team is comprised of skilled and competent people, who, every day, together with Ovidio Marzi, contribute to make Pluriservice strong and competitive.

Sales team, to support customers

pluriservice-team commerciale

The sales executives at Pluriservice guide the customer in choosing the best product and service to achieve their goals.

Administrative team, management and professionalism

pluriservice-team amministrativo

A united group working in synergy to manage accounting, customer and supplier contacts.

Technical team, technology and service

pluriservice-team tecnico

Our qualified and experienced technicians assist the customer, providing product efficiency.

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Warehouse team, impeccable management

pluriservice-team Magazzino

All our products are handled neatly and punctually, so that everything always functions properly.