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The Plus, Newland, Denso, Opticon, Honeywell and Datalogic barcode readers and scanners operate in various fields: logistics, retail, fashion, healthcare. They are high performance, rugged and available in different price ranges.

Not all barcode scanners are the same. They vary according to user’s needs, not only for standard use, but also:

– rugged and ultra-rugged scanners, designed to last even in the most difficult work environments.
omni-scanners, capable to read barcodes both horizontally and vertically, and fixed scanners, perfect for stores and supermarkets.
imager 2D optic scanners, capable to read 1D/2D barcodes and providing fast and accurate scanning.
– compact scanners, reliable, efficient and small-sized , always lightweight and handy;
healthcare industry certified scanners, suitable for hospital because they are resistant to sanitizing aggressive detergents and do not have rough edges, increasing safety.  is continuously updated. Please visit our product catalogue or contact us via email for our full line of scanners: we will propose the most suitable model for your needs.

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  • New

    Plus 2021 Stationary Barcode Scanner

    Ideal for point-of-sale check-out applications

    The Plus 2021 omnidirectional fixed scanner is the ideal solution for point-of-sale and office reading applications where document management becomes complex. Ergonomic and super durable, the scanner can be used in the hand or traditionally on a desk or counter thanks to its adjustable stand.

  • New

    Newland BS8060-3V 1D CCD reader

    Perfect for use with mobile devices, the Newland BS8060-3V reader is Apple, Android and Windows compatible and connects via Bluetooth to mobile devices. That is why it is particularly recommended for store, warehouse and e-commerce or offline

  • New
    Transport and Logistics

    Pluricode R200 Ring Scanner

    Pluricode 200 is a wearable barcode reader that communicates via Bluetooth up to 30 meters away in open space. It is characterized by its small size (105 mm L * 36 mm W * 28.6 mm H) and its lightness (it weighs only 35 grams).
    It reads 1D and 2D barcodes both from support, even damaged or dirty, and on the screen.