Innovation: the Pluriservice challenge

Pluriservice Group’s Conference will take place Aug 30 through Sept 1, 2017

Every year Pluriservice meets its business network partners to share common strategies and goals. At the new headquarters, based in via Santi, Ravenna, the management addressed different themes, such as innovation. A challenge that all companies face today is being aware that gaining competitiveness and market share is only possible by adapting your organizational structure to the global market.  Pluriservice Group offers innovative and competitive service and solutions, but the teams who work in partnership with Pluriservice are the ones who make the difference, now more than ever. Pluriservice’s entrepreneurial history was always successful, and many of those successes were created by organizational changes, always aiming at better quality and performance. Through the product and solution offering , customized for different needs, Pluriservice Group is ready to face each challenge to continue its history, made by people, achievements and success. The future doesn’t wait, and Pluriservice Group with its sales network is ready to aim high now.