CRIBIS Prime Company – Pluriservice, excellence in commercial reliability

Pluriservice Spa and Raining Labels Srl obtain the important CRIBIS Certification- Prime Company

CRIBIS Certification, prime company

CRIBIS Prime Company Certification

Pluriservice SPA and Raining Labels Srl have achieved the important CRIBIS Prime Company Certification for the highest level of commercial reliability. A valuable recognition that rewards just the 7% of the more than 6 million Italian companies.

This certificate is based on a dynamic and constantly updated indicator that considers many variables, including: personal information, company seniority, balance sheet and payment experience.

strength, punctuality, solvency

“Achieve this important certificate represents for us an important goal that makes us proud our work, as well as confirming the high level of economic-commercial solidity that we guarantee to all our partners and suppliers.”


CRIBIS D&B is the CRIF Group’s company specialized in the provision of economic and commercial data and value-added services for the management of trade credit and business development in Italy and abroad. CRIBIS guarantees the highest quality standards and the maximum coverage in economic and commercial information on 100% of Italian companies and 265 million companies from all over the world thaks to the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network.