Hardware and Software for 100 Laundries

Pluriservice and Nibax Software together with Wash&Clean Partner

3 protagonists, 100 laundries, 5-year lease and service contract, more than 300 hardware products. These are the project numbers that Pluriservice and Nibax Software achieved together for Carpi’s Wash&Clean Partner. The Modena-based company, in fact, is working to open 100 new laundries throughout the north of Italy, choosing to rely on Pluriservice and Nibax Software experience for their mechanization.

Initial requirements

A project always comes from a specific need. In this case, the goal was to maximize the efficiency and organization of each individual laundry, implementing incoming clothing  traceability. Claudio Parise, Wash&Clean Partner Manager, contacted Nibax Software with this goal in mind. Nibax chose Pluriservice as technolgy partner, because of their business partnership over the years.

Starting with a demo..

Valentino Nibaldi, Nibax managing Director, and Umberto Battista, account manager at Pluriservice, after examining the customer requests, offered the most suitable solution as a demo to Claudio Parise, with its components as follows: Laundry Management Software WINLAV from Nibax and hardware kit from Pluriservice, consisting of Pos Plus touch double screen PC, Citizen CTS 801 fiscal printer and Apix 80 receipt printer.


… to 100 stations.

After the demo was approved, the next step was the hardware/software station set up. After the installation of the the first 10, the other 90 stations will follow over a 5-year period. The 100 stations will represent a great resource, because it will be possible to barcode-track down all incoming clothes and monitor all their work-in-progress and operations (garment pick-up, deliver to lab, washing, ironing, quality check, packaging and return to customer)

What are the benefits for Wash&Clean Partner Srl?

Wash&Clean Partner can count on management software effectiveness  and can be confident of having continuous hardware assistance and support, thanks to its 5-year lease contract for the entire kit. Lease and maintenance together to meet customer needs, who can make digitalization a tool to facilitate work management. 

How does work management change?

When a garment is brought to the laundry, Wash&Clean Partner activates customer retention with chip cards and barcodes. The customer is immediately identified by the management software and his garments are easily entered via its functions. A customer profile is displayed on the Pos Plus PC, to show how often the laundry services are used and the specific garment operations. Statistics are made with these data, to monitor which service is growing and which sectors are more strategic. For instance, to find out that quilt washing increases laundry’s turnover, but shirt washing is not yet making enough profit. With this data, the laundry manager can apply targeted market strategies and best meet customer needs.


Why choose the Pos Plus PC?

The Pos Plus PC proved to be the most suitable for customer needs, because its double screen (operator side and customer side) is perfect for inserting images, videos and promotions, to involve and keep laundry’s customers always informed on the upcoming services.

Word to Wash&Clean Partner:

Claudio Parise: “I think I found the right partners to support our fast growing company and  also have the peace of mind today for the future, due to their experience and consistency . The installed hardware/software system is very straightforward and functional, to allow tracking of  the garment work stage at any time”

Word to Nibax Software:

Valentino Nibaldi: “As a Nibax Software owner, I am happy to be part of this project. With Claudio Parise’s idea, I saw an opportunity to do well with our software and with Pluriservice’s hardware. The final solution has been made on existing basis and subsequently implemented to fully satisfy customer needs. Rather than changing his way of operation, we could adapt to his idea, to bring benefit and profit to Claudio Parise and his partners at Wash&Clean partners and, most of all, pleasure to work with all of the available tools”

Not just laundries:

The store management computerization process can be applied in multiple fields. Not only laundries, but also restaurants, bars, shops etc. Having a computer station to facilitate your operations could be extremely beneficial, because it allows constant monitoring of your work and a clear vision on where to place future investments.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the above described technology: we will offer an effective solution for your needs!

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