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Plus 12.000 II Interactive kiosk for shopping and self-service payments

The interactive kiosk for automatic payments Plus 12.000 II is a self-service cash desk, with an elegant and modern design, ideal for public establishments that want to allow their customers to buy and pay with cash or credit card the products and services offered, in total autonomy, simplicity and safety.


Plus 12.000 II: Interactive kiosk for shopping and self-service payments

Fast payments and precise change with 4 banknote denominations

Equipped with a large and bright touch screen, the Plus 12.000 II interactive kiosk for automatic payments allows the customer to choose products and quantities and then pay by electronic payment or cash. In this last case, specifically, the machine is able to return the change in both banknotes and coins.

The Plus 12,000 II interactive payment kiosk guarantees security and speed in the provision of change.

It minimizes the initial fixed assets of money inside the armored device and uses up to 4 banknote denominations to dispense the change.

Once the purchase has been completed and the payment has been made, the interactive kiosk for automatic payments Plus 12.000 issues the customer with a fiscal receipt, in the event that it is decided to manage the taxation directly from the machine, or a non-fiscal receipt that the customer will present to the customer. bench. Alternatively, the order can also be forwarded to any other workstation within the business, such as a kitchen, a bar or a product delivery point.

Advantages and opportunities

Thanks to the interactive kiosk for automatic payments Plus 12.000 it is possible to:

– avoid queues at the checkout;
– show the customer the entire range of products via the touch screen monitor;
– manage payments and changes without the possibility of errors;
– guarantee maximum hygiene by avoiding that those who supply drinks and food have contact with money;
– secure money inside an armored cash point;

Maximum security and remote control

Precisely to guarantee maximum security, the Plus 12.000 interactive kiosk for automatic payments is equipped with an automatic and delayed electronic opening door (anti-theft function). In addition, opening the machine and accessing the menu (which can operate at levels), are only possible after recognizing the operator via a badge and entering a password. In addition, via an ADSL connection, the machine can be managed remotely via a convenient App that provides, to those who control it, a series of data that faithfully represent the progress of the management of the activity and the status of the interactive kiosk.

Technical specifications

• Totem for self-service purchases
• Easy to use thanks to the 32’’ touch monitor
• Cash is stored in a safe armoured cabinet
• Rejects any counterfeits
• Reduces waiting time and cash counting transactions
• Eliminates errors in the dispensing of change
• The cash machine can be controlled remotely


• Can be used with or without management software
• Monitor 27’’
• Banknote recycler: JCM Ipro, 2 denominations
• Single introduction coin acceptance system
• Coin dispenser: 1 ITL multi-coin hopper with extension for larger capacities
• Printer
• Card reader for ID recognition for opening and accessing menus
• Reinforced cabinet: 2.5mm thick
• Dual locking system


• Banknotes: JCM Ipro 400 banknotes in the stacker and 200 in recycling
• Coins: Approximately 1300 euro-coin mix and up to 2,000 coins in the cashbox


• Banknote recycler: MEI 2 denominations
• Banknote recycler: JCM UBA RQ 4 denominations
• Barcode reader


• Weight 180 kg
• Dimensions:(L)462mm x (W)377mm x (H)1865mm