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Plus 2021 Stationary Barcode Scanner

Ideal for point-of-sale check-out applications

The Plus 2021 omnidirectional fixed scanner is the ideal solution for point-of-sale and office reading applications where document management becomes complex. Ergonomic and super durable, the scanner can be used in the hand or traditionally on a desk or counter thanks to its adjustable stand.

SKU: PLUS-2021-1

High-performance 2D and omnidirectional scanner

The Plus 2021 is an omnidirectional stationary scanner that features an ergonomic design and multiple scanning capabilities. It is extremely easy to use and can be used manually or traditionally on a bench thanks to the adjustable stand included in the package.

In addition, this device offers high 2D scanning performance and allows barcode reading from all positions. These features make it a perfect tool for point-of-sale check-out applications or document management in banks and offices.

The combination of attractive design, ease of use and excellent value for money make the Plus 2021 a competitive device on the market.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 72 x 70 x 139 mm
Weight: Ca. 250 g
Scanning: 2D
Sensor type: CMOS
Scan rate: 60 fps
Interfaces: RS-232, USB
Notifications: LED, buzzing
Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C
Storage temperature: -40 to 70°C
Humidity: 25% to 90%
Drop: 1,5 m