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PLUS WD2 Wearable Scanner

Multitask and high performance

The PLUS WD2 wearable scanner is a high-performance multitasking scanner. Thanks to the comfortable hand strap, this device becomes the ideal companion for long scanning tasks where you need to work 'hands-free'.

Transport and Logistics

PLUS WD2, comfort and precision for fast scans

The PLUS WD2 wearable scanner is the ideal solution in the work environments where high-density, high-volume, low-resolution barcodes need to be read on various types of material.
The hand strap allows the scanner to be placed over the back of the hand for quick and easy reading, without having to put the device away to perform other tasks. Scanning is easily activated with a light press of the thumb on a read button located between the thumb and forefinger. The accessory is available in two sizes and is designed to fit both left and right hands.

High technology for high performance

The scanner is available in two versions, standard and mid-range, to meet all scanning needs. Equipped with 2D Megapixel scanning technology for remote reading and Acuscan technology for distorted or too-close barcodes, the PLUS WD2 minimises errors and improves productivity.
In addition, the PLUS WD2 features a compact, two-bay charging cradle that can be connected to others to form a 10-bay multiple charging station charged from a single power supply.

When used with the PLUS WD1 Android wrist-mounted solution, the PLUS WD2 can be directly paired by scanning an onscreen 2D barcode.

Technical specifications

Image Sensor:1280x800 (megapixel) CMOS
Illumination: White LED
Aiming: 650nm Laser (SR: crosshair laser; MR: dot laser)
Barcode Scanning: OCR: Specific OCR-B, Passport OCR, Chinese ID Card, China Travel Permit OCR; Postal: US PostNet, US Planet, UK Postal, Australia Postal, Japan Postal
Dimensions (mm): 58,8 × 48,8 × 18 mm
Weight: 43 g (Scanner)
Battery Type: 670 mAh lithium-ion battery
Expected Battery Life: 10 hours of continuous operation (scan once per 15 seconds)
Notifications: Beep, LED and vibration
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
IP Rating: IP65