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Mobile Computer Plus 60

Affordable and Durable for Transportation and Logistics

Discover the Mobile Computer PLUS 60, the most affordable portable terminal in our range, rugged and durable with Android 10 system and a powerful processor. Ideal for logistics and warehouses, it provides quick barcode and NFC scans, along with a long-lasting battery. It optimizes operations and significantly simplifies business management, ensuring reliable performance and optimal productivity.

SKU: Plus-60
Transport and Logistics
Operating Systems

The Mobile Computer Plus 60 is our most affordable portable terminal available in our range, designed to ensure durability and robustness without compromising on design elegance. With the Android 10 operating system and a powerful high-performance processor, it offers smooth and stable configuration, ensuring optimal performance in every situation.

Equipped with multiple features such as barcode reader and NFC technology, the PLUS 60 enables quick and accurate code scanning, facilitating tracking and management of goods. Additionally, its long-lasting battery ensures reliable autonomy, guaranteeing continuity and productivity in daily work.

The PLUS 60 proves to be particularly suitable for demanding environments like logistics and warehouses, where durability and reliability are crucial to maintain uninterrupted operations. Thanks to its advanced performance, this portable terminal can significantly support customers in managing and organizing activities, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

With an elegant design and IP67 rugged construction, the PLUS 60 is the ideal choice to tackle daily challenges in the logistics and warehouse sector. Its versatility and advanced functionality make it a valuable ally in enhancing efficiency and optimizing business activities.

Moreover, the PLUS 60 offers an intuitive user interface, ensuring easy adaptability for operators, including those with less experience. Regular system and application updates, along with reliable connectivity, contribute to enhanced security and consistent performance.

In summary, the PLUS 60 represents a top-of-the-line mobile computer, featuring durability, advanced performance, and an elegant design. It optimizes logistics and warehouse operations, facilitates activity management and organization, and proves to be a reliable partner in achieving business success.

Technical specifications

157.6 x 73.7 x 29 mm / 6.2 x 2.9 x 1.14 inches

292 g / 10.3 oz.

3 softkey TP, 3 side buttons, numeric keypad (optional: 20 keys)

Main battery: Li-ion, removable, 4200mAh

4-inch TN α-Si 480*800, 16.7M colors

Touch Panel:
Robust dual-touch panel

Sound, LED indication, vibration

1 microphone, 1 speaker; 1 receiver

1 slot for Micro SIM, 1 slot for MicroSD(TF) or PSAM (optional)

USB 2.0, Type-C, OTG