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Plus 95 Industrial Mobile Computer

The Plus 95 industrial mobile computer, the next generation of the Plus 9700, brings the productivity and efficiency to the next level. Its advanced mobile computing platform and superior wireless options extend performance in the warehouse environment. With the latest Android operating system, the Plus 95 has fulfilled larger data collection with multiple keypad options and intensive scanning usage with versatile reader options. It not only fulfills traditional users’ legacy warehouse applications but also new applications from indoors to outdoors.

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Transport and Logistics
Operating Systems

Plus 95 industrial mobile computer: Android operating system and maximum productivity

As direct successor to the Plus 9700, the Plus 95 industrial mobile computer is a powerful terminal that offers a wide range of possibilities for data collection in industrial logistics. Multiple keyboard options can meet the most diverse user needs, as well as higher level options for wireless connection.

Equipped with a 2.2 GHz octa-core processor with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB flash memory, the Plus 95 industrial mobile computer is certified for Google GMS and for AER programs. It works with Android 9.0 operating system and can be updated to the next version of Android.

Large range of reading options

The Plus 95 industrial mobile computer has a large variety of scanning options (laser, 2D imager, mid-range and extended-range 2D imager). So, it can read bar codes from a minimum distance of 7.6 cm up to 21.4 meters.

Furthermore, one of the great innovations of the Plus 95 industrial portable terminal is the new side LED lights. These, in fact, clearly and immediately indicate the state of charge, the outcome of the barcode reading and the state of the connection.

The great connectivity features, including the MIMO 2 × 2 Wi-Fi technology, allow the terminal to connect quickly and efficiently without disturbances regardless of the location.

Lightness, strength and resistance to colder temperatures

Resistant and robust (IP65 and drop resistance 1.8 m), it has a display with Corning Gorilla Glass to limit scratches and chipping. Lightness and long battery life make it the ideal tool for industrial logistics.

Finally, the Plus 95 is also ideal in environments where the temperature drops far below zero. It can be equipped with a freezer battery and an automatic heating and cooling system.

main product codes (more informations in the brochure):

TERICL080: Plus 95 GUN 2D STD,WiFi/BT,52K,And

TERICL081: Plus 95 GUN 2D NEARFAR,WiFi/BT,52K,And  

TERICL082: Plus 95 GUN 2D STD,WiFi/BT,38K,And,2x   

TERLCL072: Plus 95 GUN 1D LASER,WiFi/BT,52K,And,2x 

Technical specifications
  • Octa-core 2.2 GHz processor with 4 GB RAM/ 64 GB Flash memory 
  • Google’s AER certified with one later OS version upgradable capability
  • IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band and MIMO 2x2 technology
  • 38/53 keypad options and terminal emulation keypads of VT and TN systems
  • 4.3-inch WVGA display and light weight of min. 395 g
  • Versatile reader options: Laser, 2D imager, mid-range and extended 2D imager supports over 20 m reading distance
  • Durable design with IP65 rating and 1.8 m drop resistance (upgradable to 2.4 m drop resistance with rubber boot)
  • Battery options of 3000 mAh and 6000 mAh with min. 8 working hours
  • Accessories: Snap-on Cable (USB), Pistol Grip, Rubber Boot, 4-slot Battery Charger, 5-slot Terminal Charging Cradle, Multi-slot Charging Cradle with Battery Charger, Charging and Communication Cradle, Hand Strap, Belt Holster for Device with Pistol Grip, Available on request: 5-slot Terminal Ethernet Cradle, Vehicle Cradle