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Cipherlab 1862 RFID portable reader with Bluetooth


The Cipherlab 1862 RFID UHF is the perfect reader for dusty or damp environments. It is durable, rugged and perfectly working even after 5' (1.5 m) multiple drops on concrete. Connectivity with mobile devices, such as PCs and Tablets, up to 16' (5 m) and ease of use are its top features.

SKU: 1862-RFID
Transport and Logistics

EFFICIENT AND PRACTICAL, READS UP TO 16′ (5 M) AND WITHSTANDS MULTIPLE DROPS. If your work environment is dusty and damp and you need to read RFID Tags or UHF transponders up to 16′ (5 m), the Cipherlab 1862 RFID reader is perfect for you. Its industrial IP64 standard allows use in all environments, including industrial ones, dusty and wet. Easily installable, plug and play, user friendly. Due to its rugged structure, perfectly functions after multiple drops on concrete, up to 16′ (5 m). This device, used in multiple fields, allows warehouse workers to perform safely and optimize operations. In addition, with a special option you can connect it to smartphones or rugged terminals, for mobility applications. Very quick ROI, due to increased efficiency and safety.

Technical specifications

frequency range
UHF: 865 - 868 Mhz / 902 - 928 Mhz

internal antenna:
up to 3.3 ft. ( 1 m ) / up to 1.6 ft.( 0.5 m ) , up to 16.5 ft. ( 5 m ) / up to 4.9 ft. ( 1.5 m )

4 MB

battery charger ( optional )
mounting bracket for portable terminals ( optional )
universal mounting bracket for portable devices ( optional )