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E2K Menu

The easiest way to order

E2K Menu is the ideal web application for every type of restaurant that wants to adopt innovative solutions for its business. The complete solution that manages the service with precision and speed, directing the end user to process its order intuitively and quickly.


E2K Menu, the ideal web application for every type of restaurant

E2K Menu was created with the aim of offering customers, belonging to the catering sector, a multifunctional platform that allows them to simplify and speed up certain activities in their business. In fact, this software solution allows the creation, management and display of the digital menu, which can be customised with any type of information. Moreover, the end user can book or order, directly from his smartphone, for take-away services, home delivery and table orders without any interaction with the operator.

Full digital menu customisation

One of the strengths of E2K Menu is the possibility of total customisation of the platform, tailored to the customer’s needs. In fact, the operator can add various types of menus according to time slots or according to different price lists for several locations. The application also takes into account variants, allergens and all information useful to the customer.

Integration with E2K Suite

It is possible to integrate E2K Menu with the E2K Suite system to exploit the full potential of this application. This allows a complete and tailor-made management for each type of locality, from online table reservation to the operational phase of the order, from communication between the various departments to the payment of the bill.

Technical specifications
  • Creation and insertion of digital menus
  • Ordering for takeaway, home delivery or direct to table services
  • Table reservations
  • Creation of different menus with specific variables, variants and allergens
  • Automatic creation of a qr-code for the digital menu
  • Management of multiple price lists
  • Control of different locations and time slots
  • Automatic bill calculation and payment collection via secure payment platforms
  • Multi-site and multi-user for secure software control
  • Hourly production capacity management for correct order planning (with E2K Suite)
  • Receipt of orders automatically in the different production centres (with E2K Suite)