Innovation, flexibility and efficiency

Pluriservice Group is capable of proposing projects, efficient solutions and ongoing support to small , medium businesses, large corporations or multinationals, providing a supply of the best hardware and software in the industry.

Manuela Alessandrini
"Innovative solutions and flexible service:
Our competitive advantage"

Manuela Alessandrini – Administrator Raining Labels


lab repairs

Customer support also signifies repair service for multiple devices in our laboratories, allowing analyzation and quick resolution of all issues.

pre and post sale consultancy

Listening to customer’s issues is crucial to be real business partners,
not just suppliers

onsite maintenance

Pluriservice provides high specialized technicians, able to resolve multiple issues or perform specific analyses directly at customer’s site.

customar care

Pluriservice offers 360° technical support to its customers: multiple options to obtain quick support and resolve every kind of problem

plan and design

Our team is available to create the most suitable solutions for all different operating needs. Pluriservice offers quick design and planning services, allowing full product customization.